• Shirts, socks and shorts in the respective team colours will be loaned to all players and must be worn during Little League games. The kit remains the property of the New Malden Little League and must be returned to the relevant Team manager when the child ceases to play for that team.
  • Players are to arrive at the Manor Park ground 30 minutes before kick off
  • Players will be guaranteed half a game
  • Shin pads must be worn during matches but no jewellery (ear Studs) are allowed
  • There will be a membership fee of £30 per season per player and no additional weekly playing fees 
  • Players selected for a team shall remain with that team for the duration of their Little League Football career except when they are selected to join a team in a more senior league.


 4.12.80 – If a boy/girl fails to turn up on three consecutive Saturdays,  or on five separate occasions without notification, he/she will be replaced by a boy/girl on the waiting list.


 4.12.80 – The minimum number of players to constitute a Senior League match shall be eight, otherwise the game shall be played as a friendly.


 18.3.82 – In the event of violent conduct by a player, he will be suspended pending a decision by the committee as to the punishment for the offence.


 22.11.84 – A boy/girl selected to play for his school on a regular basis shall be replaced by a player on the waiting list.


  22.11.84 – A boy/girl who declines the offer of a place in a team and subsequently chooses to join the League shall be deemed to be ‘associated’ with the original team and only eligible to play for that team.


 22.11.84 – If scores are level in the cup semi final or final, seven minutes each way extra time shall be played. If the scores are then still level, a replay shall take place. NB This rule was changed (date unknown) and the game will now be decided on penalties after extra time as there is insufficient time/dates for replays.


 20.2.90 – One week’s notice should be given to the Junior League manager/boy’s parents when a boy is transferred from the Junior League to the Senior League.


 3.2.92 – No player can be transferred from the Junior League to the Senior League once 15 league games have been played.


 2.12.96 – Requests for all forms of sponsorship should be put before the committee before commitment.


 3.5.97 – If two or more teams are equal on points, the winner shall be determined firstly by goal difference, then if still equal by the number of goals scored.


 25.4.99 – The minimum number of players to constitute a Junior League match shall be six, otherwise the game shall be played as a friendly.


 11.10.99 – If a match is forfeited because a team cannot field the minimum number of players, a scoreline of 0-4 shall be recorded.


 11.5.00 – Roll on/Roll off substitutions shall not be allowed, but the principles adopted to replace players in the event of injury in the second half.


 12.2.01 – The exact mix of ages for both leagues will be determined when precise numbers/ages of trialists are known.


 8.3.04 - 7 year old boys will no longer be recruited at trials.


 10.1.05 – Sending Off offences (and by inference cautions) will be dealt with internally and not formally reported to Surrey County FA. A one week suspension will apply for sending offs, unless violent conduct is involved when the length of the suspension will be determined by the committee.


 12.12.05 - Junior League players who have reached the maximum age should be given priority over new trialists in selection for the Senior League the following season.


 20.4.09 – Managers must declare an interest at the outset of selection meetings if they have ‘first call’ on a player, either by relation or a brother already in the team and that boy should be their first pick.


 21.3.10 –Any team/manager breaching playing rules will forfeit the game and a scoreline of 0-4 recorded against the offending side.


 11.10.10 – With the hopefully temporary reduction in Junior League squad sizes to 8 players (from 9) the minimum number of players to constitute a match will be reduced to five (see previous rule 25.4.99)
 15.02.11 – If a match is forfeited because a team cannot field the minimum number of players, a scoreline of    0-2 shall be recorded. (see previous rule 11.10.99) 

 7.10.13 – In Senior League matches, there should not be more than a difference of two players between the teams. If one team has 8 players (the minimum requirement for a competitive game) the opposing side with a full squad will reduce its team to 10 players with any excess players being substitutes and subject to normal rules of substitution at half time. 
 7.10.13 – In order to counter excessive scores in unevenly contested matches,  if two or more teams are equal on points at the end of the season, the winner will not be determined by goal difference, but by the number of points accrued in the matches between those two sides. If still, equal, then goal difference in those matches will apply and if still equal, by the number of goals scored. (see previous rule 3.5.97)

 7.10.13 – In the Junior League, the halfway line acts as a retreat line on goal kicks and opponents must drop off to that line to help the goalkeeper learn to play out from the back; however, if they want to play quickly they can. The ball is in play as soon as it leaves the goal area.
 7.10.13 – Roll On/Roll Off substitutes are permitted in the Junior League.

14.05.16 - 7 Year olds will again be accepted to play in the Junior League (see previous rule 8.3.04)

13.12.16 - Under 13 year olds as at the 31st August of that year can be recruited.  

03.07.19 - SIBLINGS RULE - All parents are encouraged to pay the full membership feen- £40 for the 2019/2020 season. For all children however every parent/guardian has a right to the following discounts:
First sibling playing in the same season as brother/sister gets a 33% decrease on the membership fee. Second sibling a 50% decrease. Third sibling a 66% decrease. Any further siblings play for free.
Manager's Officials child/children get a 50% discount or apply the reductions above if greater
All Membership fees can be reduced or waived at the discretion of the League once sufficient evidence has been produced forv reason forv request.) Simple email/letter with explanation could be sufficient.