“DO’s and DON’Ts”

We all want to make sure that Little League football is played in a way that allows the children to enjoy the game and develop their skills, and encourages parents and supporters to play a full part. We have adopted a list of “DOs and DON’Ts” which we would like everyone to keep to. 

For Players: 

  • DO learn and keep to the laws of the game. 

  • DO make sure you wear the full Little League kit for a game – always wear shin pads. 

  • DO always encourage your fellow players,accept defeat graciously and celebrate victory modestly.  

  • DO shake the other team’s hands at the end of the game.

  • DO collect all your belongings after the game.

  • DON’T argue with or criticise the referee or linesmen. 

  • DON’T wear jewellery such as ear rings or watches.

  • DON'T leave all your cans, bottles and other rubbish in the park. Put them in a bin. 

For Parents and Supporters:

  • DO make sure players arrive 30 minutes before kick-off to allow time to warm up. 
  • DO ensure that child wears trhe allocated team kit.
  • DO come and watch and encourage the teams

  • DO applaud skill and sporting behaviour by both teams. 

  • DO help managers in any way you can e.g. setting up the goals for the first game and putting away at end of last game.

  • DO inform the team manager in good time if your child cannot attend a match.
  • DO return the NMLL kit (Shirt,shorts and socks) to the team manager at the end of the season    

  • DON’T encroach onto the field of play. 

  • DON’T give instructions to players – this is the manager’s job 

For Managers:

  • DO make sure that players wear the allocated team kit. 

  • DO ensure players warm up before playing. 
  • DO encourage sporting behaviour in your team. 

  • DO make sure to help set up and take down goals when it is your turn. 
  • DO make sure that results are made known to the League Co-ordinators. 

  • DO make sure all players are registered with New Malden Little League. 
  • DO make sure that each of your players return their shirts to you at the end of the season. 

  • DON’T publicly criticise players from your own or other teams. 
  • DON’T publicly criticise or argue with the referees, linesmen or other managers.