New Malden Little League’s Child Welfare Policy follows the guidelines provided by the Football Association and National Little League .

We have appointed a Child Welfare Officer: Martin Clark 

In addition we are required by law to complete a Criminal Records Bureau check on all volunteers.

In Little League Football, the protection of the children comes first. Each league appoints a “Responsible Person” who is responsible for ensuring that all volunteers complete the CRB form. A volunteer will need to show proof of who they are and where they live. There are very strict rules on confidentiality. The system is designed to stop the wrong sort of person getting involved in children's organisations and we thank you for your cooperation.

For communication to the League about any welfare matter concerning the league.  In most instances this will involve the wellbeing of players but can also include anyone directly or indirectly associated with league – parents, managers, referees etc., the following email should be used:-

Code of Conducts and Guidelines:

 - Managers

 - Players

 - Parents 

Policy on taking Photographs & Videos of Children

It is not an offence to take appropriate pictures of children under 18 playing sport in a public place even if asked not to do so.

New Malden Little League has adopted the guidelines issued by the FA. These guidelines have been developed to avoid unsuitable use of images and thev identification of children either through accompanied personal information or inappropriate circumstances. It is important to remember that the vast majority of images are taken in good faith and that commonsense considerations are needed to ensure everyone's safety.

Some DO's and DONT's from the guidelines:

  • Do focus on the activity rather than the individual
  • Do ensure all those featured are appropriately dressed 
  • Do ensure you have parental consent if the image is to be used in the public domain (e.g. website or newspaper article)
  • Don't publish photographs with the full name of individuals featured (unless there is written consent)
To download the complete FA guidelines use the following link: 

The FA football-rules-governance/safeguarding